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Farmacy Management Software

Pharmacy Software is a versatile software solution that cuts down Reports generation time and increases quality & accuracy of the information. Margin on Item(s) / Customer(s), Sales Invoice, Party Ledger, Batch-wise Stock Position Report, Sales Analysis Report, Customer / Supplier Enquiry, Debit Note, Credit Note etc. can be generated AT THE PRESS OF A KEY. It has special features like Enquiry, Zooming and Analysis with full security features. These reports can either be viewed on Screen or printed or exported. It can generate instant up-to-date Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statements, Ledgers and information on Batch-wise Stock Position, Area-wise or Collection-boy-wise Outstanding Statements and many more. All these will lead to full utilization of manpower, and enhances business.

Features of Dimension Pharmacy Software

• Suitable for Traders / Manufacturers / C.F Agents / Distribution / Retails • Multi-company, Multi-Stock Point options • Multi Level Grouping for Items and Accounts • Targets for Items, Groups, Salesman, Area, based on Quantity Value • Discount structures for Item Level, Group Level, and Party Level • Analysis parameters • User definable charges and Charge Sets • Enquiries - Customer-wise, Supplier-wise, Area-wise, Salesman-wise, Item-wise • Purchase and Sales Orders Entry • Definable Registers • Control Account system for Debtors and creditors • Sub Ledgers for Debtor and Creditors • Outstanding of Debtors & Creditors • Text Print Option to print fast on printers • Support for Bar-coding

A Quick Note of Other Features

• Enquiry • Quotation • Purchase order • Pharmacy drug configuration • Pharmacy stores configuration • Drug issue to patients and billing • Unit dosage facility • Supplier information • Maintenance of drug inventory • Automatic reorder level setting • Purchase Requisitions • Purchase Order • Online request for stock from various sub-stores • Online stock transfer • Maintenance of stock at different sub-stores • Return of items nearing expiry • Destruction of expired items • Physical stock verification and adjustment • Goods receipt • Stock Transfer (inter store stock transfer) • Stock Adjustment